The ‘playful’ world of Caroline Crawford Show also marks opening of a new gallery in Pomona “In the best of all worlds, I think that human beings want more than anything ti indulge in joyful play,” say Caroline Crawford about he new exhibition of paintings and sculptures opening at Artworks, […]

Pomona Exhibit • Artist Caroline Crawford

Artist Ethel Hultberg is Hooked on Art A pair of wallhangings — more properly, hooked rugs of wool fiber — greets the eye on entering a caverous room housing the Fiberworks exhibition now under way at the Thorpe Intermedia Gallery in Sparkill. The two wallhangings, “Staghorn Ferns” and “Monsterra and […]

Artist Ethel Hultberg • Hooked Art

Paul Hultberg’s murals exemplify what has happened to enamels in the 20th century. They have gotten big. They can be used architecturally. An enameled copper screen, six by eight feet in size, designed and executed by Hultberg, greeted each visitor as he entered the fall show of contemporary enameling in […]

Paul Hultberg: the enamel as mural

Enameling In the Footsteps of Painting: Karl Drerup and Paul Hultberg Makers: A History of American Studio Craft, Chapter 7 1950–1959 The Second Revival of Crafts By Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf By the mid 1950s enameling had become a popular pastime. Many of the jewelry-making textbooks published in the […]

Enameling In the Footsteps of Painting

Paul Hultberg’s murals are excellent examples of American art in the 20th century. No longer tied to the traditions of jewelry and the small and precious. He has brought enameling into the age of abstract expressionism using glass and the glow of copper as his medium of expression. Columbus Park […]

Pioneers of Enamel in the U.S.A.