Mandalas LeifGrafix

Each of the mandalas on this page was produced from a single square photo. The image was manipulated in Photoshop to bring about the geometrically pleasing forms that a mandala typically encompasses. The original photo, whether it was of a building, an interior, a landscape or even a detail taken from another work of art, contributes greatly to the overall visceral effect the mandala will ultimately have upon the viewer. The idea is to discover the subtle fractal geometries that are hidden within the intersecting lines, shapes and colors found along the edges and surfaces of objects we see in our everyday surroundings, and how these forms interact in relation to each other when combined within prescribed mathematical proportions. The final appearance of each mandala relies upon the forms, colors and textures found within the original image. The image itself provides the fundamental tools and the palate that can be drawn upon in the same manner that a painter would choose the colors, the medium and the strokes of their brush or palate knife, in order to produce a desired effect.