Impressionist Landscapes by Paul Hammer-Hultberg

These are landscape paintings by Paul Hammer-Hultberg from the 1990’s; acrylic on canvas. Paul Hultberg only began painting landscapes in his seventies and like his large impressionist portraits that he started painting in the 1980’s, he made relatively few, especially compared to his enamel artwork for which he is more known. These were mostly impressionist and in natural colors, but Hultberg also produced some that used only white on black. The contrast between light and shadow is something that had always intrigued the artist, including when he made his stenciled enamels that were sometimes figurative. Many of Hultberg’s landscapes had been sold, and some without having been properly photographed. We’re adding new images from time to time as we acquire them.



Landscape by Paul Hultberg • acrylic on canvas • 44 in x 60 in • © Hultberg Artworks